We are excited to announce that you can relive the 2019 CALIBRATE Intercessory Prayer Conference experience through RECALIBRATE ON-Demand! Buy all of the dynamic, power-packed sessions for only $100. You will receive access to the MP4 video and audio files of 3 Evening Sessions, 2 Midday Sessions and a bonus Morning Glory Session from this year’s RECALIBRATE 2019 Conference!

With your $100 purchase you will receive audio and video of the following:

  • Evening Session – Bishop Murphy, Jr
  • 2 Evening Sessions – Bishop Murphy, III
  • Evening Session – Pastor Ron Carpenter
  • Midday Session – Pastor Shamond Scales
  • Morning Session – Bishop Murphy, Jr
  • Round Table Discussion – Q&A
  • 2 Morning Glory Sessions – Bishop Murphy, Jr (bonus!)

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